Friday, February 9, 2007

Happy Birthday to my father in law Pat!
I really appreciate all your support with this venture, and you're just plain the best! Have a great day
Love, Riian

Nightmare fodder

Although this chandelier is supposed to be for a child's room I can see this being somewhat frightening for a wee one. The dolls are super scary right?
I would love to have it hanging in my bedroom though! It is kitch to the MAX. Available from

Crocheted baubles

I found this hand crocheted jewelry by Karla Schabert in the German section of the NYIGF, sadly her site is in German and I can't seem to find her pieces for sale anywhere. The pieces she had on display at the show were so delicate and ladylike, just beautiful. Check out her site in the meantime for images, and I'll keep trying to find an online source.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Handbags from heaven

Agnes and Hoss bags are totally going to make me break the budget this month. I love every single one, and let me tell you they are even better in person. Can you imagine? I feel faint!


Wasn't this a clever idea? These posters were created by a company out of the UK called Bookish Design UK. They are large scale posters of the great book covers of all time, and are certainly nice enough to be framed. I could see these gracing the living room of any avid reader or aficionado of graphic design. How literally.

Clay play

There are so many pieces from the Art Department website that I wanted to post here, but my site is already taking too long to load all the photos...sorry! Art Department is based in Boston and makes some of the most imaginative pottery wares I have seen in a great while (that is except for my father in law...hi Pat!). Please be sure to click on the link to check out all their super creative houses, jewelry, tiles and other goodies.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Oops, it seems that I had an old link posted below for the re-surface lamps that were linked to by Apartment Therapy. Please use this new link to access all of their new designs. Especially cool are the d-lights pictured above, which are glass votive candles like the kind you find in the grocery store, but with cool industrial scenes on them. Thanks to Donna from re-surface for alerting me of the old link.

Dog day afternoon

How about a little doggie art to feed your already overwrought brain this afternoon. The Wurst Gallery has a collection with just about any breed that you can think of on their website and profits from the sale go to an animal hospital in Portland, Oregon. I see some of my favorite illustrators represented here, as well as pieces made in fabric, yarn and even google eyes.


Well, it's been a week or so since my now infamous run-in with the world of tap dancing. Here's a brief overview for those interested:
The class was in the building of my last know the one that I'm not exactly allowed to go into the building of? So naturally I felt a little naughty going in there...I go up to the floor that the class is being held on and WHA??? It's a Broadway in people are trying out for Broadway shows in there. Ok, now I am feeling a little more than overwhelmed. I hear from behind closed doors someone who took a few notes from the TV show Fame and is screaming FASTER FASTER FASTER to her poor students. I hurry along the corridor and am nearly bowled over by a huge group of nervous looking tall dudes all of whom look almost exactly alike. Apparently they are trying out for Avenue Q. I come up to the door of my dance studio and it is locked so I sit nervously with the nervous people in the hallway and listen to some lady belting out a song I've never heard before. I'm thinking oh my god get me out of here!!!!!! So I start feverishly texting people...basically everyone I know saying help me! Get me out of here! Finally I get inside the room and find that I am one of two people in my class that actually have tap shoes. The rest are trying to tap dance in running shoes...ugh. Needless to say every mistake I made resonated quite loudly throughout the room. I think my worst moment in the class was when I couldn't stamp correctly. Stamping is exactly as it sounds where you stamp your feet, and I could NOT do it. The teacher had me stamp stamp stamp across the floor three times in front of everyone and I still couldn't do it. I was so humiliated I can't even tell you. I am so not a stamper.
So anyhow, at the end of the class I was so elated that I now knew a few tap steps that I rushed up to the teacher and recounted how when I was little I felt tap dancing in my heart and how I used to tap dance in the grass at outdoor concerts in my hometown. All of this got me the craziest look...I don't know if I will be going back. So that's the story. Well at least it's the bad parts of the day, it really did turn out to be fun after all, and I got a DVD so I can practice my stamping at home. Sorry downstairs neighbor!
If you want to take your own tap class here's my teacher's website, he does workshops in SF and NYC and he's cute to boot!

Pee Wee tee

Are you a loner, a rebel, or just a die hard Pee Wee fan? Maybe you need one of these Pee Wee tuxedo shirts available from chocosho.

Great minds think alike!

I was working on a post yesterday that just wasn't turning out right...I was just having the worst time wording and getting the photos to sit correctly. All the time I was feeling guilty knowing that this just was not going to work because the items I was trying to post were from a woman I met at the gift fair that was just terrific. Fast forward to today where I am clicking through my favorite blogs and voila! There in the new design sponge shop for February are the very lamps that I was trying to post about. They are created by artist Donna Brady and the shades are photos of scenes in Brooklyn. She even hand creates the ceramic bases that are on the ones for sale at design sponge (not the one shown above which is from the Re-surface website). Cool stuff!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Eep op ork means I love you

Robots in love cards for your nerdy but loveable sweetie.

Additional knitted wig patterns

You know, sometimes when you google things like "knitted wig" you come up with some pretty interesting stuff.
Follow the links to the Princess Leia knitted hat, and the knitted Elvis wig. Fun links I just had to share.

One more project I will never finish

I started knitting this knitted wig approximately 2.5 years ago and it remains a 2 inch strip of hot pink knitted sadness today. At about the 3rd row I lost track of whether I was on the knitted or purled side and ruined the whole thing. Shortly after that point I threw it into the menu drawer and never picked it back up again. Darn knitting, it's so frustrating!
Maybe this year I will treat myself and start the thing over again. Sigh...

Thinking back on the weekend

Ahhh the weekend, those were the good old days...
This past weekend Riley and I were lucky enough to get to go to a beer, cheese and pickle tasting over at Jimmys in the East Village. It was a trifecta of terrific tastes (say that three times fast!) and we were joined by the usual motley crue of folks we call friends. The beer was again provided by Six Point Ales and again I truly enjoyed every's delicious stuff for sure. Cheeses were from Saxelby Cheesemongers, and I had the good fortune to meet the owner, Anne Saxelby herself. Although she was up to her elbows in cheese she was still just the nicest lady you could meet. She was selling these clever tee shirts that say "Craft" on the front, and "real american cheese" on the it! Also in attendance was Rick from Rick's Picks who I am sure I need not tell you is the man that brought the lowly pickle back to the hip set. His pickled beets and mean beans tower over the pickles on the grocery store shelves...they are so good. It twas a great weekend in the city to be sure!

Don't call it a blanket

Please direct your attention to this most important invention...the slanket. It is a blanket with large sleeves to stick your arms through so they never get cold when you are reading. This version was posted on apartment therapy, but it seems to me it would be easy enough to alter a knitting pattern to make one of your own...that is of course if you were unlike me and were able to actually finish a knitting project.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Are snowpants business casual?

Today's posts have been cut short due to a deeeeeep freeeeeze here in NYC, I have returned home to avoid being frozen completely solid in the office.
A couple of exciting things arrived in the mail today...for one I finally got my llbean duckboots which came just in time for the frozen weather. Also I received my second copy of Enjoy Your Recorder by the Trapp Family Singers. This is the book I originally used to learn to play the recorder at age 8. Looking back through the pages I see so many familiar tunes, and there are plenty of lessons inside to help remind how to finger all the notes. This should be a good project for today, and hopefully my neighbor will be understanding...poor thing!

Wholegrain chocolate

The true breakfast of champions:
Jacque Torres' chocolate dipped cheerios.

Bag attack

Design Sponge turned me on to these neat-o patterned bags from Hau Hauz of Finland. As I am sure you have noticed by now I am a major pattern junkie, and these are exactly what I look for in a bag...easy fabric (linen), neutral colors, big bold pattern, great shape...perfect!