Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Well, it's been a week or so since my now infamous run-in with the world of tap dancing. Here's a brief overview for those interested:
The class was in the building of my last know the one that I'm not exactly allowed to go into the building of? So naturally I felt a little naughty going in there...I go up to the floor that the class is being held on and WHA??? It's a Broadway in people are trying out for Broadway shows in there. Ok, now I am feeling a little more than overwhelmed. I hear from behind closed doors someone who took a few notes from the TV show Fame and is screaming FASTER FASTER FASTER to her poor students. I hurry along the corridor and am nearly bowled over by a huge group of nervous looking tall dudes all of whom look almost exactly alike. Apparently they are trying out for Avenue Q. I come up to the door of my dance studio and it is locked so I sit nervously with the nervous people in the hallway and listen to some lady belting out a song I've never heard before. I'm thinking oh my god get me out of here!!!!!! So I start feverishly texting people...basically everyone I know saying help me! Get me out of here! Finally I get inside the room and find that I am one of two people in my class that actually have tap shoes. The rest are trying to tap dance in running shoes...ugh. Needless to say every mistake I made resonated quite loudly throughout the room. I think my worst moment in the class was when I couldn't stamp correctly. Stamping is exactly as it sounds where you stamp your feet, and I could NOT do it. The teacher had me stamp stamp stamp across the floor three times in front of everyone and I still couldn't do it. I was so humiliated I can't even tell you. I am so not a stamper.
So anyhow, at the end of the class I was so elated that I now knew a few tap steps that I rushed up to the teacher and recounted how when I was little I felt tap dancing in my heart and how I used to tap dance in the grass at outdoor concerts in my hometown. All of this got me the craziest look...I don't know if I will be going back. So that's the story. Well at least it's the bad parts of the day, it really did turn out to be fun after all, and I got a DVD so I can practice my stamping at home. Sorry downstairs neighbor!
If you want to take your own tap class here's my teacher's website, he does workshops in SF and NYC and he's cute to boot!

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