Friday, December 29, 2006

Sometimes it is better to plan ahead

It's that time of year. Time to start planning and pretending that you are going to be organized in the new year. These planners from Otsu are so groovy I couldn't decide which to post I will post all three! Check them out on Cut + Paste's website here, here, and here.

Crafts are cool!

instructions for crocheted ewok

Do I need this?

This is a potato pin cushion. It's pretty awesome. Oh and did I mention there is only one left? For sale here


I know it is after Christmas and all, but I can see these peanut dolls being made for any holiday right? I saw some of these at a weird dirty store here in NYC, but found the instructions on The Small Object's blog. Yes, this is a potentially life threatening craft project for a person allergic to peanuts, but me and my epi-pen are up to the challenge!

A bag I must own

I stopped into Cursive (the store just inside the doors to ABC carpet here in NYC) and found these terrific plasticized clutches made by Lisa Stickley. Although it is difficult to tell from the photo, when closed this bag has a very refined and ladylike structured shape. I love the contrast of the constuction vs. the plastic material...tres chic! Anyone in NYC must check out Cursive, you will not be sorry! If you are from a foreign land don't dismay, I will be posting plenty of pieces on them.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Do not eat!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ate one of those silica packets that comes with your new shoes? So have I, but I'm not about to no matter what this article from says. Just thought you might be curious.

Mom would like this

You know it's always after the holidays that you start seeing things that would be excellent gifts. This little desk frame is just such an item. Would have been so thoughtful to give to mom for her desk. DARN!!!

New Years resolution

This year I promise to write more letters. Nothing long, just a quick hello note.
Aren't these the perfect little cards to send to your loved ones? I might even send them to my liked ones if I can spare them.

Kind regards,


Be a deer...

I love the look of a severed animal head as much as the next person, but grapple with the moral issues involved in acquiring one for my decor.
What's a person to do?
Well, the good people at Velocity Art and Design in Seattle are selling these wooden deer heads that would make a fine substitute. They are 100% guilt free (except for the price tag) and would compliment pretty much any interior.

Peanutty good

I am allergic to peanuts, but this necklace is not giving me hives...unless you count hives of excitement over the prospect of owning this delightful piece!
For sale at Anne Ma Designs. They've got more than just gold dipped nuts too. Check out this bracelet, and Madonna necklace. Very nice indeed!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Wowie Zowie

If these aren't the perfect New Years eve shoes perhaps I have lost my touch. Oh, and did I mention that they are ON SALE from Barneys???
You are welcome.

It's finally here!

A Christmas Story...the greatest movie ever created.
Starting at 8:00 pm tonight it plays for 24 hours straight on TBS.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Skymall madness

Alright, I have a confession to make. I LOVE SKYMALL. I want that crazy hot dog toaster, or this sleeping lounge thing (pictured above and available at for $29.95), or maybe an automatic watch winder or upside down tomato garden. I get really excited everytime I fly to see what the good people at hammerkershlemmer have come up with for me. What's that? I need a wine robot now? AWESOME!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

All I want for Cwistmas...

Everyone here at stuff-ing wishes you and yours a most festive and safe holiday.
Stuff-ing will be relocating the the rainy NW for the next week; but I make a pledge to you, fine reader, that I will continue shopping and posting throughout the holiday.
Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Monkeys galore

I couldn't resist putting up these happy little monkey dolls that are handmade by a woman in Australia. It appears that they are sold out for now, but she has a mailing list so if you like-y you should sign up!
Oh psst...if you want a monkey doll this holiday season let me know, my bestie (not beastie) Amy is making sock monkeys by hand and they are just as cute as these...promise.

Christmas craft part 2: Yoko style

Step one: Sharpen a pencil
Step two: Lay a cushion on the floor next to your tree for your guests to kneel on
Step three: Cut out an ornament shape from a white piece of paper
Step four: Using the sharpened pencil write "ho ho ho" on a small piece of paper as tiny as you can
Step five: Hang it at the very bottom of the tree using a decorative ribbon
Step six: Using another decorative ribbon, hang a magnifying glass next to your ornament
Step seven: Don't say anything to your guests about it. Those that crouch down to read the message are your super sophisticated guests. The rest wouldn't recognize art if they saw it.

If I had I chance I would "steel" this

"Whoa nelly" is what I said to myself when I saw this chic blackened steel necklace on Rare Device's website. They do such a nice job of choosing the grooviest goodies and keeping my credit card nice and hot! I wantie.

Holiday crafts for those with laundry machines

Laundry Soap Scoop Ornaments

*laundry scoop
*thin lace (about 1/2 inch wide)
*thin ribbon (about 1/4 inch wide)
*cotton or fake snow
*small christmas animals, trees, etc
*tacky glue or glue gun

*Set the scoop on the table with the handle facing up.
*Pull some cotton apart and pushed it into the back and bottom of the laundry scoop. Use tacky glue or a glue gun to stick it in.
*Glue small christmas animals/trees/etc into the scoop to make a Christmas scene. If you have small nativity characters you can make a very nice nativity scene.
*Glue lace around the opening of the scoop
*Tie ribbon into a bow and glue it to the top of the opening of the scoop

From DLTK's website


Ok, this is the best wallpaper EVER (must be in a wallpapery mood today...sorry)
I can only imagine this paper in my kitchen or boudoir or phone nook or like anywhere!
It can be purchased for only 360 Swedish Kroners here.

Some things go without saying

I personally LOVE all the stuff they have over at They do a great job of stocking must-haves such as ceramic mushrooms. They also have some really super jewelry like this leaf necklace which would make the BEST stocking stuffer (hint hint).
Great prices too!!!

Two words...

talking painting

Oh no she didn't!

Excuse me, but exactly when did Orla Kiely start a wallpaper line? I am really loving it, and had a hard time choosing from their excellent patterns to post a photo. Check out her stunning wallpaper designs here

Things I almost thought of

I like these, I think they look like something I might have made if I were just slightly more creative. Don't you hate when someone comes along and does something that you are pretty sure you were about to think of? Take these photos for example. Maybe if I hadn't been looking at so many wallets on the internet I would have thought of that! DURN!

Wallets are so snappy

GOOD GRIEF look at this gorgeous wallet!
I am a girl who believes that a person cannot have too many wallets. Ok, so that sounds crazy, but I tend to be hard on a wallet just so that I can get a new one. The day that the snap finally gives out is a fine day indeed in my household. I have wallets stockpiled just waiting for an extreme wallet failure such as this.
This wallet is from and I would have made a direct link to the site but I don't know how yet...bear with me!

Welcome to Stuff-ing!

Hello to all you fine fine future readers.
This blog is dedicated to the search for the unbelievably cool, the righteously awesome, and basically just things I like.
I hope that you will enjoy some of my picks of the day which will be called "brown crusty edge". Why "brown crusty edge"? Because that's the best part of the stuff-ing!
Anyhow, enjoy the posts and get out and do good things for goodness sakes!